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#10 Setting Tool

BRICO Oil Tools provides a dependable line of Wireline Pressure Setting Tools for the Wireline industry worldwide. Our engineering, high quality and service provides a cost effective alternative.

BT#10 Introduction

The BT#10 Setting Tool Assembly is devised for setting of equipment in the well bore on electric Wireline. Products of combustion are utilized for the gradual develop¬ment of force through pressure thus hydraulic force is transferred through the tool, through the Wireline Adapter Kit to a packer, bridge plugs, cement retainers, frac plugs to fully set the slips and pack off the sealing element of these products. This motive force operates the various working parts of the BT#10 Setting Tool in a proper sequence to ensure a force in excess of 35,000 lbs. / 15.56 daN. The tool may be used in multiple tasks on highly deviated well bores via a well bore tractor, e-coil and can incorporate a casing collar locator for depth correlation. A wide range of firing head adapters and Wireline accessories are available from BRICO Oil Tools.

The high pressure required within the tool is built up through the burning of a Slow Set Power Charge, or a Standard Power Charge. For specifics on all Power Charges and Igniters refer to BRICO Tech Info on Power Charges and Igniters Manuals. The setting pressure is confined to the proper area of the setting tool through the use of o-ring seals or chevron seals on the high temperature tool. It is of extreme importance that all of these o-rings and seals be maintained in perfect condition and all tool internals are completely cleaned prior to assembly.

The standard BT#10 Setting Tool Assembly incorporates a Disk Bleeder Valve to provide a safe, easy method of bleeding off trapped pressure from inside the tool after it has been run and before being backloaded for transport. The tool should be bled off once the tool has been pulled from the well bore. This tool should never be transported without the tool pressure released or bled off.

Pressure Features / Benefits at Setting Depth

  • Use to set Bridge Plugs, Cement Retainers, and Production Packers on Electric Wireline.
  • Use in conjunction with a Casing Collar Locator for correlation of exact setting depth.
  • Uses the advantage of the fast running capability of Wireline.
  • Proven design has been the “Industry Standard”.
  • BT#10 size tool for setting equipment inside 3 ½ / 88.9 mm tubing up to the 5 inch / 140 mm casing.

Setting Tool Inspection Information

For full details and assembly please contact a Brico representative.


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