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Brico Magna-Range Bridge Plug

The JRC Elite Magna-Range Bridge Plug is a specialty plug designed to run through tubing or restricted pipe and set in the larger tubing or casing below the restricted interval. This capability saves considerable time and expense by eliminating the need to pull tubing to set a plug. Elite Magna-Range Plugs have many of the advanced design features of Elite cast iron bridge plugs.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to pass through restrictions and set below in tubing or casing with a larger ID than the restriction.
  • For the same setting range, the running OD is smaller than conventional bridge plugs.
  • Can be set on wireline, tubing, or coiled tubing or slickline using “explosive” setting tools or a DPU® downhole power unit.
  • Single-piece slip design to reduce the chances of premature setting. Slip OD is less than the plug body OD.
  • Slips set securely in grade P-110 casing.
  • Winged cones guide the slips to evenly spaced positions against the pipe.
  • Rocker action steel backups, steel petals, and a firm rubber backup support softer rubber sealing element.
  • Ratchet lock-ring holds the dynamic setting force.
  • Elite Magna-Range Bridge Plugs come in 12 different sizes with pipe setting IDs between 1.610 in. to 5.044 in.
  • Viton seal elements are standard on the six Elite Magna-Range Bridge Plugs between 1.406 in. and 2.281 in. OD.

Where the plug is required for life-of-well applications, or it is planned to perforate the zone next to the plug, the durability and strength of the plug can be increased by dumping 10 to 20 ft of cement on top of the plug once it has been set. Before running a job, it is essential to consider the size and proper selection of the bridge plug. The following factors should be considered:

  • Borehole temperature
  • Maximum differential pressure the plug will be subjected to.
  • Borehole restrictions the plug and setting tool will have to pass through.
  • Actual casing or tubing size where the bridge plug will have to seal.


For Full Details:
Click here to download .pdf of Brico Magna-Range Bridge Plug (400kb)


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