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The Brico "BF" Seating Nipple is a generic copy of a Baker "F" which has been is use for over 30 years world wide in a wide range of oil and gas wells. The BF nipple is a top no-go or also know as a "selective" seating nipple that provides a location for various wireline flow control devices in the tubing or production string. The size and location of the nipple in the tubing string should be carefully considered in any completion or test string when engineering or planning the well design to maximize flow control accessories for use at a later date in the well life.



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*NOTE: Standard EUE connections, premium thread connections available on request. Brico seating nipples are manufactured as per NACE MR-01-75 standards. Also available in CRA materials as well as hard coatings.


Click here to download .pdf of BF Seating Nipples (1.1mb)

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