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The Brico "BXN" Seating Nipple is a generic copy of the Otis XN nipple which has been in use for over 30 years world wide in a wide range of oil and gas wells. The BXN nipple is a bottom no-go design to provide restricted i.d. below the polish bore, careful attention and planning needs to be considered as a result of this restricted no-go profile. The BXN profile has the same polish bore i.d. as the BX profile with the only difference being the "N" designation is for No- Go. This no-go i.d. provides a landing shoulder which allows recorder instrument hangers, check valves, down hole chokes and blanking plugs to be installed.


*NOTE: Standard EUE connections, premium thread connections available on request. Brico seating nipples are manufactured as per NACE MR-01-75 standards. Also available in CRA materials as well as hard coatings.

Click here to download .pdf of BXN Seating Nipples (1.1mb)


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