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Brico Drop Bars are primary used to mechanically initiate the detonation of the TCP guns using a Brico mechanical firing head. The impact end is designed specifically for use with the Brico firing head, the fish neck incorporates a standard 25.4mm o.d. design for retrieval using slickline methods. Brico Roller bars up to 3m in length should be used on deviated wells over 30 degrees.

The Drop Bar is released into the tubing / drill pipe from surface always above a well head valve or TIW valve. Care and attention should be taken to well deviation, water / fluid cushion and tubular debris. It is strongly recommended that all tubulars should be drifted to ensure the drop bar reaches the firing head without restriction. The Brico Drop Bar may be used in other applications including surge tools, underbalancing subs, kobe subs and check valves.

Detonating Drop Bar Selection
Guide Only


Brico Drop Bar
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Detonating Drop Bar Selection - Guide Only
Note: Always consider tubing / drill pipe size, viscosity, fluid type
and degree of well deviation. This is a guide only!


Click here to download .pdf of Drop Bars (2.4mb)

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