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The Brico Fill / Flow sub allows fluid into the tubing string while running in the hole as well as prevents tubing scale and other debris from settling on top of the firing head or other downhole accessories. The Fill / Flow sub has a thin glass disc which redirects debris into the annulus from inside the tubing. This sub does not hold pressure or act as a separation device. The tool is intended only as a debris catch and a means of allowing well bore fluids from the reservoir into the tubing string. 

The Brico Fill / Flow sub should be installed no less then 10 meters or 1 full tubing joint above a firing head or mechanical gun release depending on the application. The drop bar will shatter the glass disc as it passes through the fill / flow sub enroute to activate the firing head. The sub is simple in design and easy to redress in the field.

Note: A Fill / Flow sub with an integrated  "No-Go" is also offered as an option should one be required in the tubing / drill pipe work string.  Brico also offers a retrievable  "No-Go" Fill / Flow sub with the internal sleeve being retrievable by slickline or eline with standard pulling tools. 


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*NOTE: Also available in 3 1/2 IF Drill Pipe.

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Click here to download .pdf of Fill / Flow Sub (2.3mb)

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