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The Brico Kobe Sub allows the operator to equalize pressure between tubing and the annulus. The sub is normally installed in the tubing string below the production packer. Once the packer has been set and ready for testing, the Kobe pin is sheared off by means of wireline allowing equalization between tubing and the annulus. The Kobe sub is mainly used to test the integrity of the production packer and casing annulus before perforating.

The Kobe Sub is normally run in the packer tail pipe section below the seating nipple system and above the underbalancing sub. Once the packer / TCP system has been logged on depth and the packer set, the wireline operator will shear off the kobe pin allowing the pressure to be equalized and the packer tested.


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*NOTE: Standard EUE connections, premium thread connections available on request.

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Click here to download .pdf of Kobe Sub (2.2mb)

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