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The Brico Mechanical Shift-Up Tubing Release is an economical and reliable method for separating the TCP assembly from the tubing tail pipe. This shift up release tool features a series of inner sleeves which are available to provide compatibility with tubing string landing nipples.

The tool is operated by means of a model 'B' shifting tool with positive keys. This is normally run via slickline operations with the appropriate spang / hydraulic jar BHA assembly. Once the slickline operator has determined depth below the gun release, the operator will pull into the shifting sleeve and jar up. This jarring up action will shear the 2 retaining shear screws allowing the inner sleeve to move up, collapsing the collet. The weight of the lower tail pipe and TCP gun assembly will now drop to the well bore rat hole (cellar) and, in turn, leave a re-entry guide shape which is incorporated into the upper gun release sub bottom.

Note: Use only Positive or Shear Out keys in the Model 'B' shifting tool to activate this "shift up" gun release.


*NOTE: 27/8" x 31/2" EUE thread size available on request.


Click on image for an larger view

Click on image for a large view

Click here to download .pdf of Mechanical Shift-Up Tubing Release (2.6mb)

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