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Well Intervention International

BRICO Carbide and Starburst Mills

Carbide Mills are the standard for normal cleanouts and harsh horizontal well environments. BRICO mills are economical, providing the most abrasive and carbide cutting matrix available in today’s oilfield. BRICO is able to build mills in many combinations of sizes and shapes to meet customer requirements. BRICO mill design may be comprised of several features including:

  • API and DS1 certified as requested
  • Standard and reverse clutch design
  • Concave, convex and flat bottoms
  • String, tapered, step and watermelon profiles
  • Watercoarse with straight, curved or twister design with stabilizer designed for reduced horsepower requirements.

BRICO custom mill features designed for standard and special casing sizes:

  • Cement milling
  • Composite bridge plug removal
  • Scale cleaning
  • Permanent packer milling

BRICO recommends consulting a BRICO specialist to determine the appropriate mill for any given wellbore situation.






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