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The Brico RA Marker Sub provides a simple and effective means of achieving tubing / drill pipe depth control during TCP operations. The Marker sub may be used in other circumstances where depth control accuracy is required. This marker sub provides a side entry port to safety house a radioactive pellet which is highly visible marker when using a thru-tubing gamma ray logging tool. The radioactive pellet is typically a 1.0 microcurie of cobalt 60.

The Brico RA Marker Sub is normally placed in the tubing string approximately 20 to 30 meters above the "top shot" in the perforating gun assembly. The "top shot" to the RA Marker Sub should be accurately measured for length, this information along with the thru-tubing gamma log may be then referenced against the well's open hole gamma signature, the wireline operator can then determine the correct measured tubing depth for the TCP assembly.

Note: The radioactive cobalt 60 pellet is sold separately, Government rules for storage, transportation and handling apply to this product.


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