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The Brico 1 11/16" (43mm) CCL is deployed by E-Line, providing real-time logging data from within the wellbore to the surface acquisition system. The Shooting CCL tool measures the change in thickness of magnetic material surrounding it.

In the wellbore, when the tool moves by a casing collar, the increase in metallic mass pulls the magnets fields towards the coil causing signal (voltage) in the coil. This signal travels along the E-line to the acquisition system where it is interpreted.

Inside the Shooting CCL are Silicone rings that help absorb the explosive force released when perforating equipment is fired within the wellbore. When perforating, a diode within the tool ensures the voltage from a shooting panel bypasses the coil, preventing damage to the assembly.



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Click here to download .pdf of 43mm CCL (2.1mb)

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