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The purpose of the Brico Plug Shoot IPS 20 x 86 is to adapt a #20 Setting tool to the bottom of a 86mm gun string without any extra subs but hold the Setting Tool Igniters and Secondary’s while maintaining a pressure seal between the two systems after the Setting Tool is fired.

The Setting Tool Igniters and Secondary (if used) are installed into the head as per company policy. The head is then installed into the Setting tool after installing the correct power charge in the Setting Tool. The correct wire is connected to the Sealed Terminal Nut as per company policy, and then the assembly is screwed into the gun system being used.

Features and Benefits

  • Shortens tool string by not having to run Plug Shoot, Quick Change and Firing Head
  • Only 1 o-ring connection
  • Keeps a seal after tool is fired so no other parts are pressured up
  • Easy to service and use universal contact parts
  • Has bleed off port on side of igniter holder thread to allow trapped pressure to be bleed off safely



Click on image for an larger view


Click on image for a large view

Click here to download .pdf of Plug Shoot IPS 20 x 86 mm (2.3mb)

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